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The advantages of using non-explosives for rock breaking

Generally, using explosives is the most favorable way to break large rocks or boulders. But, there are situations when these large rocks are needed to be broken in specific shapes and using the explosives is not capable of doing so. As we all know, the attributes of rocks can be different and some of them contain greater proportions of thin rocks and some are oversized boulders. Actually, before the explosives are used several other procedures are performed which include blasting, drilling, scaling, ground support and taking precautionary measures to safeguard the surrounding areas. All these can take a lot of time and also increase the overhead costs. Generation II safety is important in rock breaking work.


Despite the adequate precautions, using the explosives for rock breaking is always considered a hazardous task. There are situations where such blasting works need to be carried out in densely populated places. The blasting authorities need to ensure evacuation of the residents in order to minimize the risks. Not to mention, the continuous risks of the personnel working in this job. Thus, the construction industry had been looking for a reliable alternative for these explosives. The good news is, several manufacturers have come up with worthy alternatives. Among them, the cartridges used for breaking rocks are considered the best of all. The other potent alternatives include small charge explosives, propellant, and water jets, the firing of high-speed water slugs, splitters and high-pressure gas.

Rock breaking is indispensable for various development works. We all know the importance of quarries and mines and with these alternative means of rock breaking, the construction industry has managed to accomplish the rock breaking works with precision. The entire work now has become a lot cost-efficient and time-efficient. Additionally, with the use of cartridges, the large rock formations can be broken into uniform sizes thus eliminating the risks of dealing with the oversized boulders. The concerned authorities no longer need to waste their time for ground clearance and disposal of the oversized boulders to another location for breaking them further.


At the present day, the use of these propellant cartridges has definitely brought in a new dawn for the construction industry. Yet, these potential alternatives are not being used unanimously. They are still in the testing phase, it is needed to be ensured that they are fully capable of handling all types of rock breaking operations. However, it can be said, the manufacturers of these alternative rock breaking techniques are continuously working on their products to make it more efficient. For the time being, the traditional way of rock breaking i.e. using explosives are still being used, but the future promises a great prospect for the successors of explosives. Soon, we may see rocks being broken with non-explosives.